Monday, 2 June 2014

Long time no blog!

Well it really has been a long time since I blogged but hey life has been busy and currently so are our bees which were the inspiration for my guest designer spot at through the purple haze is the first time I have been brave enough to say yes to doing one so am a little bit anxious.  Everything on the card is just ink of varying kinds and a little mica powder and some embossing powder for the middle circle embellishment and the stamps were free from a magazine earlier this year....... I seem to like the things I make with very little far more than the ones I use loads of different elements for.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Congratulations it's a hybrid.

Yup I have astounded myself as I am sure I will do everyone who knows me...... by using a craft cd.... is there any stopping me now. This has real life gems on as well as flowers I made from the same disc so it's a hybrid and it has gone to my favorite person I make a card for during the year...... my Justine's friend Nikki....... she always appreciates the cards I make her and keeps them all on her wall...... It was her birthday on Valentines day and she is now 22 EEK. Entered to the Through the Purple Haze challenge

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The big reveal!

It really is the big reveal for me..... Through the Purple Haze Challenge for this week is use a digi...... and a die cut....... those of you who know me know that a die cut is no problem but a digi image well....... you might as well have asked me to plait fog. However with the help of Lucy Gregg and the encouragement of Erin Fairclough I have actually taken the first steps into a new technological crafting era...... Not sure what I think of it so far but my effort for the week are the ATC's below which have the flowers as the die cuts and the Alice in Wonderland images are my digi's........ I was a little concerned about posting them as I haven't learnt to watermark yet which is something I really must learn if I am to post anything I have bought digitally. The cards are now winging their way to a new home in the USA.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lets start as soon as we mean to go on :)

I hope it is anyway....... a  12 x 12 layout of my birdtable ...... no birds in sight ...... the squirrels were there in abundance though for a good feed :) x  they are always more than happy to pose for pictures. I love having them around and they are the reason for my blog name. I am entering this for the first through the purple haze challenge of the year...... which is aptly entitled anything goes....... it certainly does where our squirrels are concerned.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Here comes Santa Claus!

Yeay my christmas spirit has arrived in bucket loads and right on time....... only 5 sleeps :)  And I am so happy that I have managed to complete my final Purple Haze challenge ....... yes one a week since the challenge blog began until now....... quite an achievement for me. The very last one is Penny Black Christmas and I love Penny Black and I love christmas so the biggest challenge this week was to decide which cute image to use.....I chose Thinking of you....... Oh and getting my creation dry and photographed without anyone eating it :) xx Jayne xx OOOPs sorry it is a Candy Cane Wreath ... :) x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

And here's one I made earlier!

Well it really was a bit of a case of here is one I made earlier for this weeks purple haze challenge..... the theme was colours of christmas and I made a card. I wasn't 100% happy with said card and so I started again and made a crystal snowflake bracelet....... beautiful as it is ..... it didn't seem right for the challenge  so I was struggling. Then whilst knitting a scarf for a christmas present ..... I fell in love with the colours and the sparkle of silver that runs through them which I doubt will have been captured in the photograph....... the whole thing shrieked colours of christmas at me........... can you enter a scarf in a challenge ..... well knitting is a craft and I made it myself so yes I suppose I can, The only down to this story (unless you are me) is that the scarf is so gorgeous and pretty ..... oh and warm that it has to stay with I'm off to buy more yarn this afternoon so that I can start the present all over again..

..... note to self...... choose yarn that you don't like or you'll be knitting forever xx Jayne xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Baubles..... well hangers for baubles are my make for this weeks Through the Purple Haze challenge. I never like the bits of shiny cord that come on baubles....... I don't like ribbon as I think it looks too bulky....... I don't like the strange bent wire hangers you can buy and bent paper clips are now a thing of the past now too....... I have been beavering away with beads and have made some bauble hangers that I am very happy with and are worthy of  the Fisk family baubles ........ what I could really do with now is a couple of extra weeks....... I feel so far behind after being poorly for so long that I'm beginning to wonder if the tree will be up in time for christmas ...... xx Jayne xx